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Understanding the Various Types of Epoxy Floors

Types of Epoxy FloorsIn recent years, epoxy flooring has become increasingly popular. It’s no longer viewed as strictly utilitarian. That means it’s used in residential applications now instead of just commercial settings. That’s due in large part to the fact that you can opt for a more decorative finish.

Taking a drab grey concrete floor and sealing it with a clear topcoat may not leave you with the flooring look you want. With all of the decorative choices you have now, epoxy floors can look stunning in any room of your household.

Which One is Right for Your Chicago Area Home?

Before you can decide on your epoxy flooring, you need to better understand the options that you have. At Epoxy Floor Solutions, we offer:

  • Interior Epoxy Flooring - Still typically somewhat subdued, standard interior epoxy flooring is used for inside homes and businesses. The flooring may be something more exciting than grey, and the sheen of the epoxy helps it look clean but attractive. You get durable floors that are low-maintenance and aren’t necessarily the focal point of the room.
  • Metallic Epoxy Flooring - To add some flair, go with metallic epoxy flooring. This style of flooring utilizes a low yellowing epoxy, with a metallic pigment mixed within. The end result can be subtle and stunning or more dramatic. Either way, you get the same level of durability.
  • Polished Concrete Flooring - The main difference between this and epoxy flooring is that polished concrete offers a smooth and clean surface that does not peel or scratch. One of the downfalls of epoxy is that it can show scratches and similar types of blemishes. Many people prefer the look of polished concrete, and the outcome can last a decade, with proper maintenance.
  • Garage Floors - The focus for a garage is usually functionality over visual appeal. However, with epoxy garage floors, you can have the best of both worlds. Plus, an epoxy floor is easy to clean compared to standard concrete, which is porous and soaks up spills. The reflective nature of the epoxy sheen also makes it easier to work in because of improved visibility.
  • Flowcrete Flooring System - If you want the top of the line in epoxy resin and polyurethane resin flooring systems, Flowcrete flooring is the right choice for you. This system is widely regarded because of its beauty, versatility, and effectiveness.

Find Your Flooring

Here at Epoxy Floor Solutions, we want our customers to be happy with the final outcome of the work we do. It’s not just about our craftsmanship; it’s about the choices you make as a consumer and a homeowner.

You’ll end up with floors you can live with and love for years to come. Contact us now to get started on the epoxy flooring for your Chicago home.

For epoxy flooring in Chicago, please call Epoxy Floor Solutions at 773-756-3377 or complete our online request form.

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