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Epoxy Flooring – The Finishing Touch On Your Dream Home

Residential Epoxy FlooringIt may come as a surprise but epoxy flooring is really the ideal finishing touch on the home of your dreams. Sure, it’s been quite utilitarian up until this point; a good flooring solution for a space more like the inside of a car sales showroom.

However, over time, it has become increasingly popular for homeowners, and not just for garages. That doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for the garage, but the same reasons it’s beneficial for this space is why it works for inside your home.

This is especially true since you now have so many options for increasing the visual appeal of epoxy flooring. From metallic flakes to polished concrete, there are plenty of exiting options for making your new floor look distinguished and glamorous inside your home.

Understanding the Pros of Epoxy Flooring

You have plenty of choices to make about your dream home. In fact, you have a ton of options available to you just for the flooring.

So, it can seem like an overwhelming task to try and narrow down the selections. However, when it comes to epoxy floors, some of the benefits you should be aware of include:

  • It has a high resistance to well just about everything, which is why it’s used so often in work environments like industrial plants. While you probably won’t have to worry so much about liquids like gasoline or transmission fluid inside the home, you still have substances like bleach or harsh chemical cleaning agents. The type of things that can damage or destroy flooring like wood or carpets. Plus, it’s also resistant to germs and bacteria, and that’s something any homeowner wants.
  • Epoxy floors are more durable than almost any type of flooring, other than concrete. This means you have a floor with a longer lifespan even without investing too much time, effort, and finances into maintenance. You will, eventually, need to put down a new coat of epoxy but you’ll have a few good years of service before it comes to that.
  • Due to its light-reflecting capabilities, this type of flooring system increases visibility. That makes it safer especially in circumstances where visibility is important, such as the garage.

You should also be realistic about and aware of some of the cons, such as the fact that it can be slippery. In most instances though, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, making this an ideal option for flooring inside your household.

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